School of Electronics

UGC Supported Department- Innovative Program

Devi Ahilya University, Indore (M.P), India

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School of Electronics
Devi Ahilya University
Takshashila Campus,Khandwa Road, Indore - 452 001(M.P.)

Phone: +91-731-2463754
Fax: +91-731-2761358

Sponsored Projects

S.No. Title of Project Year Sanctioned Grant Principal Investigator Funding Agency
1 Development of Fiber Optics Laboratory(MODROB) 1991 5.00 Lakhs - MHRD
2 Development of Laser Laboratory(MODROB) 1991 5.00 Lakhs - MHRD
3 Ultrashort Bandgap femtosecond Pulse propagation Effects in nonlinear QWS & Quantum Wires 2000 4.91 Lakhs Dr. Abhay Kumar UGC
4 Performance evaluation of the Internet Access System based on the cable TV Network 2000 7.00 Lakhs Dr. S V Tokekar AICTE
5 Development of Embedded System Laboratory (MODROB) 2001 7.00 Lakhs AICTE
6 FS Pulse Shaping in QW (FAST TRACK) 2001 7.75 Lakhs Dr. Abhay Kumar DST
7 Characterization in FBGs 2001 7.00 Lakhs Dr. Abhay Kumar AICTE
8 UGC Innovative Programme 2008 50.00 Lakhs Dr. Abhay Kumar UGC
9 Infrastructure grant for setting up Microelectronics & VLSI Design Lab (MVDL) 2016 10.00 Lac Dr. Abhay Kumar (Nodal Officer) Dr. Manju K. Chattopadhyay (Coordinator) DietY (Department of Electronics & IT)